About Us

At GFM Modern you’ll find that you are far from any distraction, so you can focus on capturing every moment of inspiration and creativity that is needed to complete your project in a state-of-the-art, Nashville designed recording studio. We offer an experience significantly different from any other studio in the region.

At GFM Modern, we maintain a high standard in every aspect of our business. We provide our community with premier audio services, using the latest and best equipment with precision and excellence. At GFM Modern we have the full capability of recording and processing all forms of audio. We have an experienced staff that can assist with set-up, recording, production, writing and composition. We are studio musicians and know many great studio musicians to help complete your project.

We maintain a friendly environment that is vibrant and that breeds creativity and positivity. As a staff we are knowledgeable in our craft. More importantly, with us you will be completely satisfied with your end result, having nothing stand between your project and excellence. To us, the people we work with are more than clients; they are family.

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