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Rates & Services

VO, Broadcast, Corporate, Audio For Video & Audio Books
$125.00 Per Hr

Sound Design

- Creating​ realistic environments & sound FX

- Radio, TV, Film, Web & Corporate Audio

Library Music

- Access to over 300,000 high quality music beds & sound FX for any style or mood

- Quickly searchable library

Source Connect

- Work with studios and voice actors from across the world in the comfort of our studio


The Regions Best VO Talents

- We have an extensive list of the region's best VO talent

- Male, female and bilingual talent available

Original Music and Jingles

- All Jingles are completely customized for each client

- Help listeners remember your brand name even when you’re not running an ad campaign



Video & Photography Shoots
Studio spaces are available for video and photography shoots. Standard rates apply. Studio is also available for Music Video shoots. Call for details.

Archival / Data Backup
$5 Per Session

**To insure your files are always available we highly recommend you have us archive/back up your Pro Tools files after each session. If you do not pay for an archive we cannot be responsible for keeping your data on file for more than 1 day. If you have questions please discuss this issue when you schedule your time and with your engineer.**

Setup is part of studio time. Once the engineer begins to work on your set up the clock begins.

We will do our best to have your setup prepared at the time of session. Additional details will be covered at time of booking.

Spot Demo

GFM SPOT DEMOGFM Recording Studio
00:00 / 01:16

V/O Talent

Venice Parker - Demo
Valissa Smith - Demo
Tracy Lindley - Demo
Terran Smith - Demo
Kinsey Parker - Demo
Melissa Lorenz - Demo
Nichole Gentry - Demo
Kimberly Justice - Demo
Kathleen Leighton - Demo
Kathy Quinn - Demo
Gaby Lucas - Demo
Cathy Barnett - Demo
Carrie Olsen - Demo
Carissa Fox - Demo
Barb Lindstrom - Demo
Amber Dawn - Demo
Wes Cunningham - Demo
Tom Nelson - Demo
Tom Lawrence - Demo
Scott Lambright - Demo
Rob Carson - Demo
Rick Schmitz - Demo
Rick Stasi - Demo
Mike Throop - Demo
Michael Ashcraft - Demo
Matt Dunehoo - Demo
John Specht - Demo
Jay Mack - Demo
Fred Wolferman - Demo
Dan Hurst - Demo
Corey Hansen - Demo
Connor Quinn - Demo
Chuck Moore - Demo
Brian McKearnan - Demo
Bill Pearce - Demo
Andy Barnett - Demo
Ben WIlliams - Demo
Bill Kalahurka - Demo
Allen Farmer - Demo

VISA & Mastercard credit cards accepted. 
*Discover and Amex not accepted*

All non-corporate sessions require full payment in advance for us to book you on our calendar. Any balance for extra time or materials will be discussed 15 minutes before the end of each session.

If you are sending in music remotely for mixing or mastering 50% deposit is required up front. The rest is due on completion. We will not send you the final masters until we have received full payment. Once received you will promptly receive your masters. This is non negotiable.

Cancellation and No Shows
We require 7 days advance notice to cancel or re-schedule any Monday through Friday sessions. If the 7 day requirement is made we will gladly refund or apply your deposit to another date and time. With less than 7 days notice your deposit can be applied to another session, but only for one cancellation. This is non negotiable.

14 days of notice is required to cancel ALL weekend sessions because they fill up faster and further in advance.

Cancellations are not accepted after 6pm during the week or on weekends since the office will be closed. All Specials are subject to cancellation policy.

Drugs, Weapons & Guests

We do not allow any illegal substance use, alcohol or weapons of ANY kind.  We do not allow more than TWO guests per session. 

GFM Modern Recording is not responsible for storage and or safety of un-archived client masters or equipment and does so only as a convenience for the customer.

Any injuries or equipment damages caused BY THE CLIENT are solely the client’s responsibility and GFM Modern Recording will not be held accountable.


There is parking in front of the studio on either side of Main Street. If all of the spots are full, there is free public parking at the end of Main Street BEFORE the railroad tracks across from East 40 Brewery. DO NOT PARK in the parking lot behind the studio YOU WILL BE TOWED by the wonderful lady who owns the lot.

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