"Quality Music For The Modern Age"

MasterFade Music 

Est. 2020

       GFM Modern Recording is proud to introduce MasterFade Music. Our publishing and production company is here to help the talented, aspiring artists of the region reach new heights. MasterFade provides a full range of market leading services, including synchronization, administration, film & TV and production music as well as standing up and fighting for songwriter rights.  From creation of the music in our world-class studio to promotion and international distribution contracts with major labels such as Sony, Warner Bros, and Universal.

Submissions or Inquiries: Reach us by email at contactmasterfade@gmail.com


MasterFade Music provides creative, music supervision and licensing services to content producers in the advertising, TV, film, video game, stage, karaoke and merchandising communities. This department acts as the production liaison between MasterFade's songwriters and artists and the creative community to create original, custom music content for projects of all types.  They have the means and the knowledge to satisfy any creative music need.


MasterFade Music registers songs with every type of collection agency there is, globally, then monitor & track airplay to make sure money is collected. Our years of knowledge within our Royalty, Copyright and Licensing departments can and will identify those income sources to ensure you are paid.


MasterFade Music has taken the initiative in licensing its repertoire on behalf of its songwriters to the full range of new and established digital services. MasterFade Music has deals around the world with virtually all of the significant digital music services including Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, Google Play, YouTube and many others. 


MasterFade Music delivers music publishing and additional services to broadcasters and producers for film, TV and other media, while providing worldwide expertise to maximize revenue generation and collections.


MasterFade Music was founded in 2020 on a foundation of quality. Since then, they have been fortunate enough to have created music for iconic artists such as Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes and worked on music for Young Dirty Bastard (WuTang Clan and 2nd Generation Wu) Murphy Lee (St. Lunatics, Nelly) and many others. We have years of experience delivering successful music creation services for a wide range of media clients and musical artists, spanning nearly every musical genre imaginable. MasterFade draws from a roster of talented writers, composers and producers.

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