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Brian Kraemer


Being put to sleep by rock and roll music as an infant, Brian Kraemer was bred to be a professional musician, producer, and engineer. Having a Father that was obsessed with music and that also played it, and a mother with an incredible voice, his ear was constantly tested, being asked what the names of artists were, playing on the radio at 8 years old. This trained his ear to be a natural in pinpointing frequencies, tune, and tone color. Brian started out playing drums at 9 years old then moved to drumset quickly at 10. He then taught himself guitar at 12, and bass guitar at 15. He started his only serious band project in 2011, forming the group, “The Artificial Red” of which he was a main songwriter, rhythm guitar player, and Lead Vocalist. After the band broke up, Brian received an entry level position at Chapman Recording & Mastering, where he worked with the region’s finest engineers and producers (Chuck Chapman, Robert Rebeck, and Neil Simpson to name a few). Brian is efficient in working across all genres of music, always making the client his top priority.

Nic Aguero


Nic Aguero began his musical career at a young age after falling in love with anything and everything that had to do with the drums or rhythm in general. After playing in many rock and metal bands throughout high school and college Nic decided to go to school for music production. In November of 2015 he graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelor’s degree in music production. After graduating, he took an entry level position at Chapman Recording in Kansas City where he was surrounded and mentored by some of the region’s finest engineers and producers (Chuck Chapman, Robert Rebeck, and Jim Abbiss to name a few). During his time at Chapman, he also ran a small private studio where he had the opportunity to work with many accomplished artists spanning a wide variety of genres.

Chuck Chapman - Chapman Recording & Mastering

GFM Modern Recording Internal Consultant

Chuck Chapman of Chapman Recording & Mastering has over 44 years of pro audio experience working in professional recording studios as a music & broadcast audio engineer. He has worked on and produced thousands of singles and albums, radio commercials, television spots, audio for the web, video and film projects. A number of these projects have been broadcast on national television and viewed at the Smithsonian Museum. He also produced several Billboard and Cashbox “Top 100” charted records.  He started and operated a BMI music publishing company and several record labels, Fifth Street Recording, Chapman Records and Evening Star Records.

V/O Talent

Venice Parker - Demo
Valissa Smith - Demo
Tracy Lindley - Demo
Terran Smith - Demo
Kinsey Parker - Demo
Melissa Lorenz - Demo
Nichole Gentry - Demo
Kimberly Justice - Demo
Kathleen Leighton - Demo
Kathy Quinn - Demo
Gaby Lucas - Demo
Cathy Barnett - Demo
Carrie Olsen - Demo
Carissa Fox - Demo
Barb Lindstrom - Demo
Amber Dawn - Demo
Wes Cunningham - Demo
Tom Nelson - Demo
Tom Lawrence - Demo
Scott Lambright - Demo
Rob Carson - Demo
Rick Schmitz - Demo
Rick Stasi - Demo
Mike Throop - Demo
Michael Ashcraft - Demo
Matt Dunehoo - Demo
John Specht - Demo
Jay Mack - Demo
Fred Wolferman - Demo
Dan Hurst - Demo
Corey Hansen - Demo
Connor Quinn - Demo
Chuck Moore - Demo
Brian McKearnan - Demo
Bill Pearce - Demo
Andy Barnett - Demo
Ben WIlliams - Demo
Bill Kalahurka - Demo
Allen Farmer - Demo

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