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The deck control room
The Deck Preamps
The Deck live room
The Deck Live room

Studio A - The Deck

Music Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Broadcast Production

The Deck is our largest, most comfortable recording studio. Designed for creativity and sonic excellence, it boasts an array of premium outboard gear, an iMac Pro with Pro Tools HDX, and a high quality selection of mics. With Nashville designed acoustics and a world-class atmosphere, The Deck is sure to satisfy.

The Deck offers a large 18.5’ x 16’ control room, 18’ x 30’ tracking room, and two 11.5’ x 6.5’ isolation/vocal booths, each recording area offers its own acoustic signature with great line-of-site from Iso-booth to iso-booth, from both Iso booths to the tracking room, and from the control room to all tracking areas.

Studio A is booked by musicians, praise bands/teams, advertising agencies and corporate clients who desire the best results.